Super PDR tools Pump Wedge Locksmith Tools Auto Air Wedge Airbag Lock Pick Set Open Car Door Lock Hand Tools 19.3cm*11.3cm


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Super PDR tools Pump Wedge Locksmith Tools Auto Air Wedge Airbag Lock Pick Set Open Car Door Lock Hand Tools 19.3cm*11.3cm



1* Pump wedge




Air Wedges are used between a car door and the door frame. This wedge allows users to create a space between the door and frame so a probe can be used to unlock the door via the interior unlock button or lever. The tool is also commonly used as a spacer when installing interior doors.

There are several advantages on  our product as below :
1. You could easily insert it into the tiny gap due to its ultra-thin design.
2. It is not only pressure-resistant but also could bear a truck which more than 3 tons.
3. we also have a environmental certificate.





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