Halloween Cosplay Dentures Zombie Vampire Teeth Ghost Devil Fangs Props Costume Party Plasma Cosplay Props Gothic Masquerade




Halloween Cosplay Dentures Zombie Vampire Teeth Ghost Devil Fangs Props Costume Party Plasma Cosplay Props Gothic Masquerade.

Product Description

Denture adhesive (or highly adhesive chewing gum, toffee, etc) is needed .
Toothbrush Usage:
Reconciliation ratio: liquid 2-5 drops: the same volume of powder
When the ratio of liquid to powder is
1: 1 – Stickiness: Weakness – Setting time: Long – Hardness: Low
1: 1.5 – Stickiness: Medium Viscous – Coagulation Time: Medium – Hardness: Medium
1: 2 – Adhesive: Strong Viscosity – Solidification time: Short – Hardness: High
Reconciliation temperature: about 21 ° C
Reconciliation method:
1. Use a metal blender or plastic blender or toothpick to reconcile on the glass (with a plastic knife in the packing lid to reconcile is a good choice)
2. Operating environment recommended at room temperature 20 degrees up and down, high temperature will accelerate the curing process of the product, shorten the working hours, such as in a warmer place to use this product, it is recommended to use cooler glass
3. Recommended powder ratio of 1: 1 or 1: 1.5 reconciliation time control in 30 seconds, blending into a thin paste, with a plastic knife to stir up the reconciliation of good teeth into the teeth of the nest, fill ( Do not overflow) and then stick to the teeth
4. When the stick on the teeth on the teeth hold down the fixed, the tongue do not go to lick, especially the part of the teeth, 2 minutes after the
5. Immediately after sticking with cotton balls to remove excess material
Unloading zombie braces Note: directly pull the teeth and their teeth at the connection, go down, gently shaking can be. Do not be too hard, this will break the dentures.
After the removal of the clean-up: glue after use will solidify into a solid, if their teeth have residual glue, then pull pull and then brush your teeth can be garbling, teeth with residual glue, brush can not afford to pull Not down, do not have to ignore it how long it will fall, do not panic glue left on the teeth will not have any harm. Dentures are the same Oh, if the residue on the teeth of the plastic is difficult to remove, it can only pull more pull, and can pull down, or else ignore him, over two days later lost.
1, to avoid contact, eyes once contact, please immediately rinse with plenty of water.
2, please store in places where children can not reach.
3. Do not have the illusion of eating and sleeping, after all, you are not a vampire, the teeth are sticking up, do not want to really like yourself when the vampire Oh, if swallowed how to do.

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